Superannuation 101: Your guide to a happy retirement

Superannuation 101: Your guide to a happy retirement Superannuation is a handy way of saving for retirement, so that you’ll have an income to live on once you’re no longer working. Your employer must pay a portion of your earnings into your superannuation fund, which invests them on your behalf. How […]

How is your credit score affected by COVID-19?

If you’re one of the many Australians financially impacted by COVID-19, who have deferred $218 billion worth of payments this year – fear not. Your credit score is unlikely to be affected by payment deferrals or mortgage holidays due to the current state of the world. While that’s good news, it’s […]

Term deposit vs savings account

Term deposit vs savings account Putting your money into a savings account, or in the alternative, a term deposit, are two common methods of saving. Working out whether either of these options are right for you depends on your personal and financial circumstances, as well as your saving goals. Here are […]

A guide to active and passive investing

Investment funds can be broadly split into two categories – active and passive. And while both options play a part in an investment portfolio, it’s important to understand how each works before allocating money to them. Basics of passive investing Passive investing has gained momentum in Australia, and beyond, over the […]

Five ways to help prepare your finances for a recession

If you think storms may lie ahead, it makes sense to prepare your craft for choppy waters. With Australia facing continued economic uncertainty, it may be time to take stock of your finances and get in the right shape. However, if you’re worried about the threat of redundancy, your investments or your […]

Why financial wellbeing is a pillar of good health

When we talk about financial wellbeing, what do we mean? More than just earning an income, financial wellbeing is about having financial security and the freedom to make choices. There are three interrelated aspects to good financial wellbeing: The ability to meet your expenses and have money left over. Feeling and acting in […]

5 common financial mistakes to avoid during a crisis

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is playing havoc with finances for many households. In an ideal world, the financial boost should be enough and assumes that everyone was financially prepared for tough times. But in times of crisis, it can all be a little overwhelming. Here are 5 common […]

How seniors can come out of isolation on top

There’s no denying that staying home has been the best defence against Coronavirus. The less contact you have with other people, the easier it is to stay healthy. But staying at home day after day has been a tough ask – especially for people who live alone. Being unable to hug […]

What tax deductions can I claim working from home?

What tax deductions can I claim working from home? According to the Australian Taxation Office, there are three ways to claim your home office running expenses. The actual cost method Under this method, your tax deductions include the actual costs of work-related expenses. This applies to things such as the costs […]