5 Step Super Health Check

Ensuring the health of your superannuation is paramount for securing your financial future. Just like an annual physical examination, conducting a regular “Super Health Check” can help you optimise your retirement savings and protect your financial well-being. By following these five simple steps, you can take control of your superannuation and […]

Scattered super? Consolidate now!

I have to admit, I get a real buzz when I hear someone talking about not knowing what to do with their money. The buzz comes from the excitement I feel knowing that I can help them. It might be in some small way, but more often it’s enough to help […]

5 ways to boost your Super with contributions before EOFY

Looking to give your superannuation a boost before the end of the financial year? Look no further! Follow these five savvy strategies to maximise your contributions and make the most of your superannuation savings: Consider additional Concessional Contributions (Pre-Tax Contributions) Why? Because these contributions are taxed at just 15%, potentially lowering […]

Tips for preventing and detecting fraud in your business

As a business owner, you know that financial success is key to keeping your doors open. Unfortunately, scammers are adopting new technology and more advanced methods to commit fraud leading to possible financial loss and reputational damage to your business. A scam becomes fraud when deceit is used to obtain a […]

Super 4 Kids: Introducing kids to the concepts of Super

Among the many financial concepts we juggle as adults, superannuation stands out as the cornerstone of retirement planning in Australia. Yet, the term ‘superannuation’ often brings to mind a maze of complex terms that many find daunting. This article provides ways you can transform superannuation from a puzzling concept into an […]

2024-25 Federal Budget Recap

In his 2024 Federal Budget speech, treasurer, Jim Chalmers, announced that ‘The number one priority of this government and this Budget is helping Australians with the cost of living’. But what exactly does that mean? Let’s take a closer look at what the 2024 Budget proposes – An average tax cut […]

Getting more out of income protection insurance

If you’re working and haven’t yet reached the point of financial independence then income protection insurance should be on your radar. As the name implies, it can help you protect your greatest asset – the ability to earn an income. At the heart of all income protection policies is the promise […]

You can break the pay-to-pay cycle

Now and then, Jodi borrowed $100 from her parents. She’s good for it, and always paid it back, but her situation was not uncommon. 5.9 million Australians live pay-to-pay A study by Deloitte between November 2021 and January 2022, surveyed over 14,000 Millennials (born 1983 – 1994) and Gen Zs (born […]

Supercharge your Super before the clock strikes EOFY!

EOFY can have a tendency of creeping up on you… The calendar ticks over to 1 June, suddenly, your inbox is bombarded with EOFY sales, and you’re left thinking ‘Where has this year gone, it feels like Christmas was only yesterday!’. Then you remember the superannuation tasks you’ve been putting off. […]

Ease your tax season stress

It’s the same time every year but it seems that no matter how prepared investors are for June 30, when it comes to gathering up the necessary documentation to complete tax returns, this exercise creates more stress than it should. This process can be made much easier if proper methods of […]