Samuel & Suzanne Muscat & family

Client Relations Manager
“My family have been involved with Rod as a financial adviser and as a family friend for about 15 years. Rod has been involved in taking care of my sons, Steven & Jon, & my sister Kath’s, personal and business affairs. In regards to superannuation and other financial advice, Rod has recommended legal brokers that have assisted my family in making the right decisions for their future. Therefore, my family have a very high regard towards Rod. He has offered his time during and after business hours, and for that dedication we hold Rod in high regard. We trust Rod with any recommendations he offers and he will contact me if any issues may occur in the financial world, and I have recommended him to my friends and business associates.
I have been involved with other financial institutions in the past which I have not been impressed with. My family have socialized with Rod, his wife and family. He loves his children and he always takes his time to make sure that they are well looked after and their needs met. Therefore we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rod Walker to anyone looking for a financial adviser who actually cares about the wellbeing of his clients. Thank you for your time.”